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Whitehall Park System Master Plan

Whitehall, OH

The City of Whitehall’s Parks and Recreation Commission along with the City’s administration commissioned a Park System Master Plan so that the community will have a guide that provides direction for the development of a park system that meets citizens’ needs. The primary purpose of the plan was to provide the City with a community - based description of its current park system issues, identify park system needs and provide realistic recommendations based on those needs. The plan guides decision making in regards to operations, capital improvements, and improving existing park space for the future. The plan also identifies needed facility improvements and development standards; analyzes outdoor facility needs; analyzes the City’s existing parkland usage; develops schematic layouts and renderings of park improvements; and develops preliminary budget estimates for capital items identified in the master plan. Through the master plan, the City is able create a park system that helps to continually improve the image and community pride already found throughout Whitehall.

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