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Westerville Uptown Streetscape Design

Westerville, Ohio

As a continuation of design efforts contained within the Uptown Master Plan, our team of Landscape Architects worked with the City of Westerville to further the design of the Uptown Streetscape Improvement project. An asset to the City of Westerville, this mixed-use environment has grown significantly, and the need for improvements was imperative to continue the ongoing synergy for this area moving in a positive direction. The ultimate goal being to remain attractive and appealing for the next generation of Westerville residents and business owners. We provided extensive streetscape improvements, construction plans for street and driveway geometrics, sidewalk and crosswalk plans, and street tree layout. Our team also worked with the City to develop an ‘Open During Construction’ plan to ease the minds of the local business community while educating patrons on how to access each of the businesses during the month-long construction period.

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