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Tarlton Meadows

Hilliard, OH

Tarlton Meadows is a 190 acre conservation development located within the Big Darby Accord Planning Area.  It consists of several types of housing stock with a total of 248 homes and 106 acres of open space. The development incorporates several Low-Impact Development practices while meeting the Big Darby Accord Stormwater Best Management practices. The development is focused around a 3.2 acre central green that incorporates a learning center with a stage and a natural play area. In the center of the central green is a bioretention basin, a reforestation area and various other green infrastructure elements such as vegetative swales and wetland restoration. These feature will be used to educate people on these various natural processes, and to identify how these practices have been incorporated throughout the community to minimize development impact and preserve our environmental resources.

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