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Northstar Golf Course Community

Delaware County, OH

EMH&T has provided planning, engineering, and environmental services for this first and only Conservation Development in Delaware County. Recognizing the importance of the existing environmental resources, the developer worked with EMH&T to preserve all of the wetlands, 94% of the jurisdictional streams and a vast majority of existing vegetation. The EMH&T design team planned and engineered this unique development of 1,700 acres, which includes a commercial retail center, golf course community, neighborhood parks and trails, a school site, and farmland preservation. Detailed coordination was imperative because the limits of this development within Delaware County extended into two jurisdictions, Kingston and Berkshire Townships. EMH&T’s design team also worked with the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Delaware County Engineer's Office to incorporate Wilson Road Parkway, a regional transportation network, in connection with a major interchange at Interstate 71.

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