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City of Reynoldsburg Service Request Center

Reynoldsburg, OH

With great vision for advanced technology, the City of Reynoldsburg sought development of a GIS to access their utility information and engineering drawings electronically. Our team administered all aspects of the project, from conducting the needs analysis to final loading of the geographic and attribute data. EMH&T also provided staff training and has been retained for long-term GIS support services. The City’s information was made available in a web-based GIS, as well as a standalone GIS for field computers. Coordinating the loading and installation of the CarteGraph® asset management software suite, this software links the graphic and non-graphic information to provide better management and operation of the utility infrastructure, allowing users to maintain records such as capital purchases, maintenance records, and more. Ultimately, the City elected to migrate to the Service Request Center (SRC) which was developed by EMH&T.

This GIS is web-based and tracks work by specific asset from initial request through work order generation. With this digital data and software tools, the City is able to more efficiently respond to customers. Daily operations are benefiting from the easy availability of this system data and the City of Reynoldsburg is able to be more pro-active in the maintenance of the infrastructure, as well as better prepared for initiatives such as GASB34, CMOM and NPDES Phase II.

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