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HOC/ATH-33.1625 Environmental Mitigation/Ecological Survey and Inventory GIS

Hocking County, OH

Data management was needed for the large quantity and variety of data collected, manipulated, and analyzed during the performance of an ecological survey and inventory of approximately 3,400 acres on the Sunday Coal Creek Company property in Ward Township, Ohio. EMH&T’s data management approach produces a common framework with which to work for collecting information efficiently and effectively. Utilizing two technologies, GIS and GPS, EMH&T could accomplish data management objectives by developing a GIS data model to prepare existing source materials, including base map preparation, aerial photos, watersheds, streams, forestry, and mines. From the existing material, EMH&T created data collection forms and trained field crews on the use of data collectors to ensure accuracy and consistency. Once the data was collected in the field, our team created required exhibits and maps from the ecological survey and inventory GIS in an electronic version for the client.

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