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Grandview Heights NPDES Compliance Mapping GIS

Grandview Heights, OH

EMH&T has worked with the City of Grandview Heights to assess their existing storm water management program for compliance with federal and state-mandated NPDES regulations. Our team provide complete NPDES program assistance, including preparation of permit applications, assistance with intergovernmental negotiations, drafting of regulations, and completion of Storm Water Management Plans (SWMP). In addition, we provided comprehensive education and outreach to the community related to storm water initiatives, and training of community staff related to ‘good housekeeping’ measures and the implementation of their municipal Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). The GIS Division assisted Grandview in several ways:

  • Mapping the existing known storm system for a baseline for the field work;
  • Field work using GPS, plus a tablet computer to do research and assessment of condition and connectivity of the actual storm system. Once the data was collected within the field, the team created required exhibits and new storm system atlases.
  • The organization of Grandview’s data by developing a tool for illicit discharge identification and tracking in the form of a service request center (SRC).

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