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City of Kissimmee SUMS Installation & Configuration

Kissimmee, FL

EMH&T assisted the City of Kissimmee, Florida, with the installation and configuration of a Stormwater Utility Management System (SUMS). The application is a GIS-centric environment that helps agencies manage the details of their Stormwater Utility. Details include the agencies impervious areas and related account documents, while also integrating with billing system records. EMH&T developed an approach that utilized existing digital information to automate the preparation of account details while loading the system, and building the billing system links. Basic personalization and customization of the application was completed to configure it to work within the City’s network environment. EMH&T developed the necessary administrative coordination and technical details to support the new billing system integration. Our team will be completing user training in 2014. And, provide on-going user and technical support by providing a single-point-of-contact that will address the resolution of any situation, whether user-oriented or more technical in nature.

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