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City of Dayton Storm System Master Plan GIS Mobile Mapping

Dayton, OH

The City of Dayton Department of Water retained EMH&T to undertake the critically important second phase of their storm sewer master plan development, which represents a versatile planning document for the City. EMH&T began work on this three-year project in 2010, and successfully completed the overall project goals, one of which was to update the City of Dayton’s Storm System Inventory within the City’s GIS to include field collected information on the principal collection structures (manholes and catch basins), and conduits (pipes) in the City’s storm sewer system. The storm sewer system was mapped, inventoried, investigated, and modeled, and EMH&T designed ArcGIS server-based field data collection processes that collect physical characteristics and condition aspects of infrastructure elements that integrated them into the City’s existing GIS and Information Asset Management System.

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