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Webster Street Bridge Replacement NEPA Documentation

Dayton, OH

The Ohio Department of Transportation’s bridge inventory in September 2011 gave the historic Webster Street Bridge in Dayton, Ohio a general appraisal rating of four, which is considered poor, triggering its replacement. As part of the planning process for replacement of the bridge, EMH&T completed an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Screening, Level 1 Ecological Survey Report, Section 4(f) documentation for recreational resources, Cultural Resources studies, Nationwide Permit, and Categorical Exclusion (NEPA) Level 3 document. The project required special Section 106 coordination to obtain regulatory approval for the removal of the bridge, which is a National Register of Historic Preservation (NRHP) eligible structure. In addition, on the basis of information obtained during the ESA Screening, EMH&T concluded that there were properties with recognized environmental concerns within or near the area that would warrant Phase I ESA investigations with respect to the activities proposed to be conducted in association with the proposed improvement. EMH&T completed the Phase I ESA, and coordinated the subsequent Phase II ESA investigations, allowing for completion of final design and right-of-way acquisition phases of the project.

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