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SUM-77-24.18 (PID 97536) Widening of Interstate 77

EMH&T provided multiple environmental services for ODOT District 4 for this 9-mile interstate widening project in Summit County, Ohio. EMH&T completed all NEPA-related services including the ecological study, hazardous materials investigation, and implementation of an inclusive public involvement program.  Due to the anticipated level of impacts, the ecological study associated with this project was elevated to an ODOT Level 2 Ecological Survey Report. Our team of environmental scientists completed a field assessment of the corridor that resulted in the delineation and characterization of 16 streams, 13 wetlands, and six potentially jurisdictional ditches. Baseline aquatic and terrestrial habitat studies that included macroinvertebrate sampling, water quality sampling, and development of a vegetative community index were also completed. 

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