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Rose Run Stream Restoration

New Albany, OH

EMH&T has provided consultation services to the City of New Albany related to various restoration activities along the Rose Run channel corridor. Initially, we provided comprehensive engineering and environmental services for the restoration of a 1,400-foot section of the channel to address aggradation and stream bank erosion. The project provided for the removal of two lowhead dams, including a historic 19th Century mill dam, while also providing habitat improvement along the watercourse. This stream restoration project was performed with the assistance of a USACE 594 grant. Subsequently, we assisted the City with obtaining a Section 319(h) grant from the Ohio EPA for the upstream extension of the previous stream restoration project, as well as providing supplemental water quality enhancements via a retrofit to an existing stormwater detention basin within the Rose Run watershed. More recently, we designed and assisted in the construction of a third stream restoration project along the headwaters of Rose Run as part of a mitigation project. Currently, we are working with the City of New Albany to develop a comprehensive stream corridor plan for pedestrian access and riparian restoration that will connect the nearby schools to neighborhoods and public services. For these projects, EMH&T has provided comprehensive engineering and environmental services, including field data collection and analysis, design, permitting, consultation during construction and grant coordination.

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