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ODOT Statewide Mitigation Task Order

EMH&T provided environmental mitigation and natural resources conservation services on a task order basis to the ODOT Office of Environmental Services. Natural resources included streams, wetlands, and endangered species and their habitat. The various mitigation services provided under this contract included field investigations, habitat assessments, reports and documentation, GIS analysis, and coordination with real estate officials for the purposes acquisition, restoration, monitoring, compliance and long term protection of land with interests held by ODOT. Project highlights included:

  • Sunday Creek Coal Company 2 - Stream Mitigation and Bat Conservation Area
    EMH&T conducted forest inventory, stream inventory, and acoustic bat surveys in order to identify ecological resources and assess bat habitat suitability on an approximately 3,400 acre property in Hocking County, Ohio. Approximately 162,000 linear feet of stream on the site will be preserved in perpetuity. The site provides stream mitigation for the Nelsonville Bypass project (HOC/ATH-33-17.00 PID 14040) and will serve as a pooled stream mitigation area for future ODOT projects. Additional studies were done to locate potential bat hibernacula on the site and to conduct a fall swarming survey. Preservation of habitat on the site is intended to serve as a conservation measure to offset impacts to potential Indiana bat and northern long-eared bat habitat resulting from ODOT projects.
  • Indiana Bat Habitat Conservation Inventory – Western Management Unit
    EMH&T and Heritage Land Services identified potential available properties suitable for bat habitat conservation within the designated Indiana Bat Western Management Unit (WMU) of Ohio. The project team conducted a multi-component real estate search and was able to identify and rank available properties within the WMU based on their ability to provide potential bat habitat. The final product was a customized web-based application that acts as the central repository for all compiled information.
  • VIN-327-7.45 Salt Creek Restoration
    EMH&T provided restoration plan development for non-permitted discharge of dredge/fill material in a portion of Salt Creek, located in Vinton County, Ohio. Our services included preliminary habitat assessments (for the stream, mussels, and Eastern hellbender), research and coordination for stream restoration options to remove non-permitted fill material, Section 404 waterway permit application, contractor oversight, and post-restoration documentation.

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