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ODOT District 5 Environmental Task Order Contract

EMH&T’s completed numerous environmental services for our environmental task order contract with ODOT District 5, valued at $400,000. Services were also performed for ODOT District 10 under this contract. Our team completed work on nineteen (19) separate task orders under this contract. Project highlights included:

  • Full environmental services for the new interchange at Mink Street and State Route (SR) 161, in Licking County, Ohio.  
  • Full environmental services for the bridge improvements/replacement and interchange modification of State Route (SR) 16 and State Route (SR) 541, in Coshocton, Ohio. 
  • Mussel surveys and relocations for eight (8) projects, five (5) of which were conducted by EMH&T’s in-house state certified malacologists.
  • Bridge asbestos inspections on 10 bridges located throughout District 5.
  • Combined ESA Screening Report for 11 signal improvement projects (FY17 Signal Replacements) throughout District 5.
  • Preparation of various pre-construction notifications (waterway permits) for Ohio Bridge Partnership design-build projects.
  • Full environmental services, including an Individual 404 Permit/401 Water Quality Certification, for the VIN-50-0.00 Test roadway pavement research project. The project proposes to build an additional 1.5 miles of two-lane pavement sections parallel to the existing US Route 50 in western Vinton County. The test pavements will be monitored through a research project administered by the Ohio University.

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