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ODOT District 11/District 4 Environmental Task Order Contracts

EMH&T’s Environmental Department has managed two Environmental Task Order contracts administered by ODOT District 11. Under each of these two-year contracts, EMH&T has provided environmental and NEPA planning services to the ODOT Districts on a task order basis. EMH&T prides itself on acting as an extension of ODOT District staff and assisting Districts in managing their projects and ensuring schedules are met.

Under EMH&T’s District 11 contract, our team completed work on fifteen (15) separate task orders for a contact value of approximately $400,000. EMH&T completed all environmental clearance services for numerous smaller District projects, such as roadway improvements and bridge replacements. Services typically included ecological surveys, environmental site assessments, cultural resources investigations, public involvement materials and categorical exclusion documents. In addition, we completed an Individual Section 404/Section 401 Water Quality permit for a large slope stabilization project that had substantial stream impacts.  

Under the combined ODOT District 11/District 4 Environmental Task Order project, valued at $750,000, EMH&T performed numerous environmental services for both ODOT Districts 11 and 4. Highlights of this contract include:

  • Feasibility study, public involvement plan, stakeholder involvement activities and Environmental Justice Analysis Report for the US 62 roadway improvement project in Stark County.
  • Multiple bridge asbestos surveys throughout Districts 4 and 11
  • Environmental services required for eight (8) culvert replacement projects, including C2 environmental clearance forms.
  • Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake survey in Portage County, for a proposed ODOT county garage facility.
  • Fast-tracked mussel survey on the Mahoning River for the TRU-Nelson Moser Road Bridge Replacement project.
  • Emergency asbestos survey on an ODOT maintenance facility, completing the sampling and report within three (3) days of receipt of the Request for Proposal.
  • On-site petroleum contaminated soils (PCS) inspections and testing during construction for two sites in Stark County, Ohio.

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