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Nationwide Data Center

Columbus, OH

Backed by our experience in data center design and our work over the last 30 years with the City of New Albany, Ohio, EMH&T was chosen by a national engineering firm, H.F. Lenz, to provide extensive site design for the +/-45 acre Nationwide Data Center site located within the New Albany Research and Information District. As part of the site design, the EMH&T Landscape Division performed design-build services for an onsite vegetated stormwater basin, which served as a high-visibility entry feature for the 112,000 square foot Tier IV data center. The Landscape Division worked with EMH&T’s engineers to ensure that the basin was fully integrated into the site plan, and then provided installation services for the plant material. This turnkey service was critical to ensuring both the basin’s functional purpose – to provide water quality treatment – and its aesthetic potential as part of the data center entryway.

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