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Little Scioto Mitigation Bank

Marion County, OH

EMH&T was instrumental in the planning and development of two separate phases of a large wetland mitigation bank comprising over 800 acres at a former agricultural site. The Little Scioto Wetland Mitigation Bank was created to provide a source of wetland mitigation credit within the Upper Scioto Watershed service area, which includes the fastest developing counties in Central Ohio.  It is the largest wetland mitigation bank in the state.  EMH&T was closely involved with the creation of the mitigation site from its initial phase in 1998, assisting in site selection and performing preliminary ecological assessments.  EMH&T worked with Wetlands Resource Center to negotiate the both phases of the site through the Mitigation Bank Review Team (MBRT) process. EMH&T provided the overall site design and engineering specifications, hydrologic calculations, and a wetland and upland buffer planting plan for the project. EMH&T performs annual ecological monitoring of the wetland mitigation bank semi-annually, to ensure that the site is meeting performance goals established during the MBRT approval process, and has provided supplemental wetland planting through the EMH&T Landscape Division. Through our involvement in this project over nearly two decades, we have continually adjusted and responded to new methodologies and rules as the science of wetland mitigation has expanded.

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