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Easton Town Center Permitting

Columbus, OH

For nearly two decades, EMH&T has worked with Morso, Holding Company, L Brands, the Georgetown Company, and other developers with master planning the 1,300 acre Easton development. The EMH&T Environmental Division has been responsible for securing permits for six key projects at Easton since 1998, including Individual 404/401 Permits for the Easton Oval, Germain Easton, and the Easton ADS Corporate Office, as well as Nationwide and Isolated Wetland Permits for the Town Center, Easton Square Place, and Easton Gateway/Costco. For each of these permits, EMH&T negotiated with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to establish the project as a separate, “single and complete” effort, eligible for a standalone permit. EMH&T continued this advocacy throughout the permitting process, obtaining regulatory approval of the preferred design alternative for all projects, and negotiating the compensatory mitigation, which in some cases included custom-built, permittee-responsible mitigation projects. These efforts allowed for full site development of each project, which are key components of one of the country’s leading urban retail centers.

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