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Buck Run

Union County, OH

Native mussels are protected in Ohio by law, and mussel survey protocols were released in 2013 in a joint effort by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. EMH&T provides the resources needed to perform such mussel surveys for public and private projects throughout Ohio. Our in-house staff is certified by the State of Ohio to perform mussel reconnaissance assessments, full mussel surveys and mussel relocations.

EMH&T conducted a reconnaissance, mussel survey and relocation for the ODOT UNI-TR75 (Coleman-Brake Road) bridge replacement project on Buck Run, a Group 1 stream in Union County. EMH&T completed the reconnaissance for each site, which indicated the presence of live mussels. EMH&T subsequently prepared the mussel survey and relocation study plan for each site, coordinated with ODNR to obtain approval, and completed the timed search surveys using SCUBA equipment, in accordance with the Ohio Mussel Survey Protocol. A total of 113 individual mussels were relocated upstream of the project area. The survey findings were documented in a report for each site, which was submitted for approval by ODNR.

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