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Blacklick Creek Metro Parks Stream Stabilization

Franklin County, OH

EMH&T assisted Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks in obtaining a 319(h) grant for this stream restoration project in 2012. EMH&T subsequently provided the restoration design to stabilize Blacklick Creek, address a breach into an adjacent stormwater pond, and provide long-term protection of an existing bike path and pedestrian bridge within the Blacklick Creek Metro Park. The EMH&T Environmental Division provided design support for the project by developing a comprehensive native planting plan to both support the channel bank stabilization aspects of the project and provide a robust riparian corridor along Blacklick Creek. To hasten the recovery of the vegetative cover along the disturbed stream corridor, EMH&T specified willow and dogwood live stake planting along the outside channel bank, as well as tree and shrub plantings throughout the adjacent riparian corridor. Nearly 500 container shrubs and trees and 7,000 bare root shrubs and trees were planted within the 8-acre streamside planting area.

Blacklick Creek Metro Parks Stream Stabilization – Columbus, Charlotte

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