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Beech Road Pooled Wetland Mitigation

New Albany, Ohio

EMH&T designed a wetland mitigation area to accommodate mitigation needs stemming from the development of the New Albany Business Campus (Blacklick Campus) and other nearby developments by the New Albany Company. The project included design and restoration of over 20 acres of forested and emergent wetland habitat and over 10 acres of upland buffer on existing farmland located in the Blacklick Creek watershed in Licking County, Ohio. EMH&T performed the baseline site assessment and delineation, developed a comprehensive mitigation plan, and coordinated review and approval of the plan with the USACE and Ohio EPA. Utilizing the site’s existing resources, the wetland was constructed within a natural depression containing hydric soils. A combination of constructed embankments, grading, and removing/ plugging field drainage tiles was conducted to impound hydrology to allow the area to revert to wetland conditions. EMH&T is currently conducting ten years of monitoring as required by the permits for the restored wetlands and upland buffer.

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