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Harrison Hub Fractionation Facility - Utica East Ohio Midstream

Harrison County, OH

The Utica East Ohio Midstream, LLC (UEOM) Harrison Hub Fractionation Facility is a midstream facility that receives compressed liquid gas via pipeline that is later separated into different liquid gas products. These different products are stored in tanks and loaded onto trucks and rail cars. EMH&T’s design work included over 50,000 track feet of rail infrastructure to maximize loading operation by allowing for pre-staging and pre-sorting of rail cars. To service the facility, our team coordinated and designed mainline relocations to allow the installation of new east and west mainline turnouts for Ohio Central (the serving railroad). Due to construction and truck traffic, a new site access road was also constructed by Harrison County for which EMH&T designed a new at-grade railroad crossing through Ohio Central’s mainline track. The Harrison Hub facility is designed to load 120 tank cars per day and has the ability to expand to load a unit train (approximately another 120 cars per day). EMH&T also provided design, observation, and coordination with Ohio Central Railroad to perform two mainline track relocations for two mainline track connections. EMH&T’s other services included wetlands permitting and an archaeology dig after construction activities discovered artifacts within the processing pad footprint. These tasks were completed with little or no impact to the total construction schedule. EMH&T also designed a truck loading terminal at the plant to load and unload natural gas liquid (NGL) products, and designed and permitted a pipeline interconnect site which is a joint project between UEOM, Sunoco, and Marathon. The pipeline interconnect pad required a nationwide permit to be obtained for stream and wetland impacts.

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