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Ohio River Boat Access

Meigs County, OH

EMH&T conducted extensive archaeological excavations on a boat ramp site for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) in order to allow for access to the Ohio River. The site extended over 3 feet deep and dated back over 6,000 years. Evidence of early pottery production and early agriculture was found at the site. The results of the excavation indicated a series of small campsites concentrated on the landscape that demonstrated repeated occupations. The occupants were gathering flint to make tools and were catching fish and gathering mussels from the Ohio River. They were also making trips into the uplands to gather nuts and wood for fires. The site contained important information for understanding the settlement patterns within the area. Ultimately ODNR was able to build the boat ramp and a large parking lot to allow river access and increase traffic to the Village of Racine. 

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