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Cell Towers, Ohio Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation formed a programmatic agreement involving the environmental clearance process for cell tower sites. Stringent regulations require providing archaeological and architectural services for these types of projects to ensure that clients are in full compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act protecting historic properties from being adversely affected. EMH&T cultural resources professionals attended a number of training classes related to cell towers including: the Section 106 for wireless communications projects, the nationwide programmatic agreement workshop and the cell towers, collocation and Section 106 workshop. This training has allowed our staff to fulfill the stringent requirements for these types of projects, become familiar with the FCC form 620 and 621, as well as provide an understanding of the tower construction notification system for which they are registered through the FCC. EMH&T has successfully provided services to over 1,000 cell tower locations across the Midwest.

Cell Towers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana

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