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Employee well-being.

EMH&T delivers client value through an exceptional bedrock of talent. That is why we feel employees should be both recognized and rewarded. EMH&T offers many programs to help our people plan for the security of their health, wealth, and overall well-being. To that end, the company offers a broad array of healthcare options, encouragement for living a healthy life, training and actions to ensure safe work environments, and contributions to an employee’s efforts to save and invest for their future and that of their family.

When the company succeeds, rewards are shared with employees in the form of annual increases and bonuses. When managers spot the contribution that is out of the ordinary, they have the ability to provide instant rewards.

Because we are keenly aware that our work products are primarily technology-based, we ensure our employees have the most appropriate software and hardware and are consistently supported with a strong and knowledgeable information technology staff to maximize their productivity.

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