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Columbus, OH - Transportation and Traffic

This engineering position is part of the Traffic Engineering team and participates in traffic engineering design and planning for a wide variety of public and private transportation, mobility and site development projects. The team’s design and planning practice includes the following major areas of emphasis: Traffic Control (signing and pavement marking, wayfinding); Traffic Signals and Signal Systems; Highway and Site Lighting; Maintenance of Traffic During Construction; Municipal Thoroughfare Planning; Pedestrian and Bikeway Planning; Traffic Impact Studies/Site Planning; Safety Studies; Interchange Justification/Modification/Operation Studies; Modern Roundabout and Traffic Control Device Studies; Parking Studies; and Street Corridor/Network Analysis and Assessment. 

In addition to production of deliverables and, depending on qualifications, the successful candidate may plan, organize and direct the work of team members, assess client needs and develop technical approaches/solutions, identify and coordinate tasks, work with review and permitting agencies, and prepare proposals, budgets, schedules and cost projections.

Columbus, OH - General Labor

Incumbent assists with the set up of specialized equipment associated locating and marking location of storm water and sanitary sewer collection systems, including assisting with the process of videotaping the interiors of pipe systems using closed circuit video (CCTV) equipment.  Duties involve the collection of data and working in and around sanitary and storm sewers and work is often physically demanding and often involve long workdays.

Columbus, OH - Survey

Under the direction of manager, transform initial rough designs using computer aided design (CAD) software into working documents for clients. Perform other tasks needed to produce work products and handle other tasks as assigned. This includes designs that involve; preparation of topographic, ALTA and boundary surveys, condominium and subdivision plats, lot splits, easement descriptions, and terrain modeling.

Columbus, OH - Transportation and Traffic

EMH&T is currently looking for a Senior Engineer to join our Traffic team based in our Columbus, OH office. This position has primary responsibility for traffic planning including Traffic Impact Studies, Safety Studies, Interchange Justification/Modification Studies, Signal Warrant Studies, Parking Studies, Pedestrian and Bikeway Planning, and Street Corridor and Network Analysis. You will have the opportunity to prepare written reports and exhibits, and orally present recommendations in a manner that articulates a thorough understanding of engineering analysis, site conditions, zoning and other regulatory constraints, funding programs, laws, policies, and regulations. You will have the opportunity to communicate with clients, public regulatory agencies and project teams and must do so effectively to ensure deliverables meet the expectations of multiple parties and the quality standards of the firm.

You are also responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the work of other personnel and engage with them in data collection including traffic and parking counts, field inventories and site assessments; projection and analysis of future traffic conditions; research of local, state, and federal regulations; coordination with land development, rezoning, and long-range land use planning. You will project traffic flows and parking impacts generated by land use and/or roadway changes, identify roadway and parking deficiencies and develop and analyze proposed solutions using capacity analysis, turn lane warrants, signal warrants, crash analysis and other criteria. You may be asked to develop, review, assess and incorporate varied jurisdictional standards and policy requirements depending on project location and client needs.

Depending on qualifications and experience, you may participate in planning and design of traffic control, traffic signalization, maintenance of traffic during construction, roadway lighting, and signal systems including communication networks using wireless, fiber optic and other technologies.

Columbus, OH - Transportation and Traffic

EMH&T is looking for a Civil Engineer to join our growing Transportation team! You will have the opportunity to assist with all aspects of project development and subsequent plan preparation using drafting and engineering design techniques to meet our client needs. Typical projects involve design or redesign of highways/roadways, interchange design, drainage design, plan reviews, and coordination with public regulatory agencies and utility companies. You will be conscientiously mentored and gain experience on a vast array of projects; including large-scale roadway design projects and city/township/county projects, offering a wide variety of scope.

Columbus, OH - Water Resources Engineering

EMH&T is currently looking for an Engineer Intern (EIT) to join our Water Resources team based in our Columbus, OH office. Under the direction of a seasoned Water Resources engineer or Project Manager, you will carry out specific and detailed instructions on simple to moderately complex hydraulic and hydrologic calculations. These will be used primarily as part of stormwater improvement studies and runoff plans, preliminary design studies, floodplain studies, or watershed planning and environmental-based studies. You will provide design support, research studies and planning documents related to various stormwater and floodplain management projects in conjunction with private site development and public infrastructure improvements. You will have the opportunity to become actively involved with field data collection, analysis and the design of stream and wetland restoration projects. You will also be involved with assisting in the preparation of floodplain permit applications, including hydrologic/hydraulic modeling and FEMA map change applications. You will be expected to perform basic engineering calculations using HydroCAD, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, RiverMorph or similar water resources modeling software, and you will use AutoCAD to demonstrate design solutions and use GIS in support of modeling and mapping of results.

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