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The leadership at EMH&T has a deep commitment to the firm’s clients, employees, and the communities we serve. EMH&T’s leadership is reflective of a professional firm deep with talent, expertise, and a genuine interest in our clients. This dynamic and talented group is truly engaged in every part of the business – from employee and client satisfaction to corporate growth. Their collaborative approach to being solution-oriented partners for our clients, combined with a phenomenal positive attitude, sets the tone for the rest of the firm.

Sandy Doyle-Ahern, MEn

Sandy Doyle-Ahern, MEnPresident

Doug Romer, PE

Doug Romer, PEChief Operating Officer

Jeff Strung, PLA, ASLA

Jeff Strung, PLA, ASLAVice President

Ken Shoemaker

Ken ShoemakerChief Financial Officer

Linda Peck

Linda PeckDirector of Business Development

Todd Cunningham, PE

Todd Cunningham, PEDirector of Development

Steve Schehl, PE

Steve Schehl, PEDirector of Development

Mike Brehm, PE

Mike Brehm, PEDirector of Transportation Partnerships

Abby Cueva, PE

Abby Cueva, PEDirector of Transportation Planning and Design

Travis Eifert, PE, SI

Travis Eifert, PE, SIDirector of Urban Design

Miles Hebert, PE, CFM

Miles Hebert, PE, CFMDirector of Water Resources Engineering

Mike Keller, PE

Mike Keller, PEDirector of Public Works

Lawrence Creed, Esq., PE

Lawrence Creed, Esq., PEDirector of Traffic Engineering

Marcia Bland, PE, ENV SP

Marcia Bland, PE, ENV SPDirector of Infratechnologies

Jim Dziatkowicz, PLA, ASLADirector of Planning and Landscape Architecture

Rob Milligan

Rob MilliganDirector of Environmental Services

Adam Burger, PE

Adam Burger, PEDirector of Design Innovations

Russ Henestofel, LEED AP

Russ Henestofel, LEED APDirector of Rail Engineering

Derek Mair, GISP, MISM

Derek Mair, GISP, MISMDirector of Geospatial Solutions

Jim Nolen, PE, CPESC

Jim Nolen, PE, CPESCDirector of Construction Services

Joel Brown, MA

Joel Brown, MADirector of Cultural Resources

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