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Nearly a century ago, in 1926, Gordon E. Evans founded a small land surveying firm in Gahanna, Ohio to support the growing local development market.

His guiding vision was dedication to the performance of quality services. In 1949, Gordon partnered with his good friend Wilbur H. Mechwart, adding site civil engineering services and renaming the company Evans and Mechwart. By 1954 engineers Wallace Hambleton and John Tilton joined the firm, completing the transformation to Evans, Mechwart, Hambleton & Tilton, today known as EMH&T. What began as a local, one-man start-up has since grown exponentially, as offices and service disciplines were strategically added to meet clients’ needs. Service offerings grew to include planning and landscape architecture, transportation engineering, geographic information systems, environmental and cultural resources, construction services, infrastructure evaluation, urban design and railroad engineering. The firm quickly outgrew its original building in Gahanna and began acquiring and filling adjacent office buildings until 2005, when the entire headquarters moved to its current location in the city of Columbus.

Today, EMH&T is licensed throughout the Midwest and Southeast, where hundreds of employees serve a wide variety of clients. The EMH&T legacy is proudly defined by the original intent of Gordon Evans nearly a century ago: dedication to the performance of quality services.

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